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There are so many great reasons to work for yourself from learning many new skills to flexible working hours. However the road to the self employed dream is winding, filled with many opportunities as well as hurdles along the way. To run a successful business takes a lot of hard self motivated work. A lot of which, can be great fun if you love what you do, however it’s hard to reign it in and not over do it. It’s a fine balance between putting the hours in, and not burning out.


We’re all victims of ‘busy’ culture. Filling our weekends with plans, working hard, playing harder, juggling the work/life balance; being busy is the new black. It’s easy to see how we can over do things.

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My biggest personal challenge for May was to slow all this down and learn to give myself time, space and find ways to relax. It sounds simple, and a pretty nice challenge to grapple with, however this is my biggest weakness. I thrive on ‘business’ and love juggling lots of projects at once, I just needed to see this as another project for my own well-being. Furthermore, over working leads to a lack of perspective and depriving yourself of time to plan and evaluate.


I’m pleased to say that now, a month on, I’m still learning to slow down, but I’ve grasped how time out can really benefit my mental health as well as the quality of my work, and I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on my next projects.


So, here are my top tips for helping to relax:

  • Yoga – this has been a great discipline for me. Not only does the meditative nature of it quiet the mind, but it really helps with the aches and pains you get with having such a physical job too.
  • A change of scene – taking some time out in Devon last month was a great way to step into a slower pace of life, having no internet or mobile signal definitely helped with this! Unplugging for a week really helped with resetting my relationship with my phone, and I find being by the sea is so restful and really helps to restore a sense of calm.


  • Celebrate – May saw the launch of the Indie Oxford Compendium. It’s a book Anna and I have been working on as Independent Oxford, with Bitten Oxford, to celebrate the cities great independent scene. It’s taken nearly a year of planning and a pretty intense few months of work this year, but it’s now available in indies across the city as well as on the Compendium website. To launch the book, we organised a great party at Pint Shop in Oxford. It was a great way to recognise all the hard work we had put in and celebrate the achievement. Acknowledging hard work in this way is a great motivator to help you progress and achieve even more.
  • Create – I always have a piece of crochet on the go and find it really helps to clear the mind. Doing arts and crafts activities really helps boost happiness levels which in turn helps with energy levels.
  • Running – not only does running increase your endorphin but it really helps to clear your head too. Regular exercise really helps me unwind and the achievement of having made myself do it is a great boost too!


There are so many great reasons to fit some down time into your day, not least your own mental health. However hard it might seem to carve out time to relax when you’re self employed it is also essential for your own development and the success of your business too. Take some time out and reap the rewards.

I’d love to know your favourite ways to relax too, comment below or chat on the socials with me.

Love, Rosie xxx


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