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I discovered designosaur shortly after they set up shop in 2012. Their Triceratops Necklace is one of my all time favourite pieces in my jewellery collection, its an awesome statement necklace with the weight as it’s made from wood!

Today, Karli tells us about their influences, inspiration and design process. Follow me this way! >>

Triceratops Necklace

Tell me about your business & how it came about.

We started designosaur in 2012, it came from wanting to do something creative after finishing our Product Design degrees and going into uninspiring hospitality and retail jobs. Jacques started interning at a laser cutting studio and was asked to design some children’s mirrors. He brought them home to ask me what I thought, and there was this big brachiosaurus design that I held up to myself and suggested would make an awesome necklace. I normally get laughed at when I suggest things like this but this time something in Jacques’ head clicked and we started making dinosaur necklaces! It’s been a none stop rollercoaster since then…

designosaur bug necklace

“Our brand style is colourful, bold and often nature inspired.”

Tell me a bit about yourselves!

We’re very different from each other and that’s what makes it work.

​ Jacques loves nature, intricate patterns and sausages and I like colour, striking shapes and marshmallows. ​We met at university and have been on many adventures since – we’re very inspired by our trips away, we’ve had collections from our trips to Miami and Japan, and there are influences in a lot of our pieces from other trips – like our Bauhaus inspired ring and earrings from a mini break in Berlin!

designosaur T rex cufflinks

“ starts by being inspired by some cool artwork, an animal, some architecture, a material, or even just a colour..”

Explain your process for developing new ranges?

It normally starts with a trip

​ (as we mentioned before!) -​

our ideas definitely come when we are most rested. So it starts by being inspired by some cool artwork, an animal, some architecture, a material, or even just a colour and then we make some VERY rough sketches. We chat about the idea a lot and grab different references to explain what we mean. Jacques then draws this up digitally, there’s some more chat, we talk about how many pieces the design will be, work out our costs and discuss colours. We normally make a prototype and ​argue​ about the colours a bit before we have a shiny new piece for the collection!

designosaur sabretooth tiger necklace

What are your plans for your business this year?

We have big plans to get a lot more designs out there so watch this space 😉

​ We like to use materials and techniques that aren’t being used to create laser cut jewellery, as this is our sixth year it’s getting harder and harder to find new materials or techniques but we hope there will always be something new to try!

designosaur bug earrings

How would you describe your style and what are your style influences?

Our brand style is colourful, bold and often nature inspired. In the past we have been influenced by design movements such as Bauhaus, Pop Art and Memphis. Our style changes with our personalities, as our interests change – so does what we want to create. Having recently visited the Hockney retrospect at the Tate it finally clicked that ALL artists do this. They start with one thing, and they experiment and they may get known for a certain style or piece of work, but they never stop creating. So basically it’s OK to change your style and go with what suits at the time!​

DesignosaurYEAH Stegosaurus Necklace

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Hmmm, this is really hard. We’ve had a lot of advice over the years but I really like “Listen to everyone’s advice but then do whatever you want anyway” – that’s from Kate at Oh Someday, and we pretty much always follow that mantra!

designosaur bug pendant

Karli and Jacques unique style and passion for their work really shines through in their work, and how they use their inspiration means you end up with a really quirky and innovative product.

Check out some of the awesome designosaur pieces in the A Rosie Life shop.

Love, Rosie


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designosaur bug necklace
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