10 Trends For 2018

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When planning my business goals for the year ahead, I always take some time to look at current trends to give me a steer on what I should buy for the shop, and feature on the blog.

2018 trends

I have always been fascinated by trends and how they say so much about the state of society and economics. Boom years see OTT fashions while austerity breeds soft tones and cocooning cosy knitwear.

2018 trends

Having written trend reports for different companies over the last 10 years, I love tracking the ebb and flow of trends, seeing which ones stick, and which ones remain only their 15 minutes of fame.

Each business will have a slightly different focus, however, it’s good to get an overall feel for this years big trends. This is also really useful if you’re trying to style your home, wardrobe or social media to look fresh and current too.

  • Pantone Colour of the Year – Ultra Violet. This is a mystical colour chosen by Pantone to evoke the dreamy quality of a clear nights sky full of stars, but also pays homage to music icons Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix. A colour edged with stardust.
  • The Optimist. Despite the ongoing political and economic climate, there is a real sense of ‘no more gloom’ in the fashion world. Rich, luxe fabrics, 80s style glamour and a whole bunch of sequins give a ‘to hell with it, let’s live!’ vibe.
  • 90s. Whether you can remember it or not, our nostalgia for the 90s knows no bounds. It’s plastic outerwear that sees a big return this year with clear plastic handbags and rain macs hitting the stores, just make sure your bag contents goes with your outfit!
  • Fun & whimsy. With the rise of the festival industry, fun fashion has also become mainstream. Think lots of embellishments, big earrings, bad sportswear, bumbags, a riot of colour and don’t forget a pompom or too!
  • Tassells. With fringing seeing a come back this year, tassel details are they way to go.
  • Colour. It’s so great to see some really bright colour coming back this year. Too long as the kinfolk look reigned! This goes part and parcel with the 3 trends above too, to create a happy colourful look that will bring a bit of cheer to our streets.
Rosie Jacobs
  • Secret Garden. Florals this year take on an ethereal quality with soft frothy layers and embellishments like sequins and embroidery to create a pretty, delicate look……….
  • Pastels. Which leads onto pastel colours. More is more with this look. Layer up your pastels to incorporate them all!
  • Health & wellness. We are becoming more aware of how closely linked are mental and physical health are, and so a healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop at the gym. Yoga venues are de rigueur, as are wellness retreats and creating calm havens in our homes. House plants are a huge part of this trend, as are crystals, white walls and scented candles or incense.
  • Flexitarian. With a greater understanding of the meat and dairy industry, more people are taking steps to change their diet. #Veganuary is sweeping the nation, with stores such as Tesco introducing more vegan products to meet customer needs. Even those who don’t subscribe to a full time vegan diet, are cutting down their meat and dairy consumption and consciously opting for a more plant based diet.
2018 trends
There's no such thing as too many house plants right?!

I really enjoy spotting trends and seeing how I can incorporate the ones I love into my work and life.

How about you? What are your favourite trends this year? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear!

Love, Rosie


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2018 trends
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    This is such a great post – yay for colour – and I love the Botanic Garden jungle! I hope you have a lovey weekend. x

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