How To Upcycle An Ikea Mini Chest of Drawers

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I have owned this little Ikea set of drawers for about 20 years now I think, and although it’s such a simple bit of furniture it continues to be super useful and currently lives in our bedroom. I’m embarking on a bedroom make over at the moment (blog post coming soon!) and this is the first thing to get a new lease of life.

Our bedroom is airy and bright with cream walls and one signature green wall, so I want to keep the room fresh with a few pops of colour. The current design of this MOPPE mini chest of drawers was painted along time ago and looks tired and at odds with the rest of the room.

Ikea MOPPE drawers

So for this project, I used some ordinary white primer with blue Annie Sloan paint to add flecks of colour. I also used:

newspaper/packing paper to cover the table

a wide paint brush for the white paint

a stubby artist brush for flicking the blue paint

kitchen roll

a bowl of water

Annie Sloan paint

I tend to do painting projects outside to avoid getting it all over the house! To start with, I wiped down the whole unit, inside and out, with a damp cloth to remove any dust that could get stuck in the paint, and sanded down any rough patches. I then used a wide brush to apply a thin even layer of paint in long brush strokes to make sure the paint dries evenly.


The original colour of the drawers is quite dark so I applied 3 even coats of paint, making sure not to apply too much at once to avoid streaking. I didn’t paint the sides of the drawers as it would effect how they fit together in the unit, and let’s be honest, it’s not going to effect the look of the piece!

1st cost of paint
2nd coat of paint
3rd coat of paint

Once the three layers of white paint had dried, I added a blue splatter effect to the front of the drawers. To do this I watered down some of the blue paint and used the artists brush to apply it to the drawers. It’s a good idea to have a practise on a bit of paper first to make sure you get the right consistency and the correct angle! I wanted the flecks to almost create an ombre effect up the box so I laid the box on it’s back and stood at the bottom of the box to make sure the splatters were strongest at the base of the drawers.

blue paint
blue flecks practise
blue flecks ikea drawers

Remember not to tip the drawers until the blue paint is completely dry otherwise it will run and spoil the look.

Blue splatter ombre Ikea drawers

Et voila! A great bedroom addition, perfect for storing all my many pieces of jewellery, pins and pom pom accessories!

Blue splatter ombre Ikea drawers

This time of year is great for painting projects, sunny days means paint dries quickly and the long days gives you plenty more hours to take on some bigger projects. The next project for me is the bedside tables!

Have fun with all your DIY home and interiors projects this summer!

Love, Rosie xxx

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How To Upcycle An Ikea Mini Chest of Drawers
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